Estate Planning and Probate

Mr. Reynolds has prepared numerous wills and trusts for his clients.  His services have included the drafting of simple or complex wills and trusts as required by the needs of the client.

Real Estate Transactions

Mr. Reynolds has been involved in numerous real estate transactions for clients, ranging from the purchase or sale of raw land, shopping centers, and office buildings.

Oil and Natural Gas Matters

Over the years, Mr. Reynolds has handled many oil and gas matters, including the preparation of operating agreements, title opinions, and leases.

Business Transactions

Mr. Reynolds’ services include the organization of businesses, including the choice of the form of business organization,  preparation and filing of organization documents and buy-sell agreements.

Litigation For Clients

When necessary, Mr. Reynolds has handled litigation matters for his clients, including breach of contract, probate contests, debt collection, and eviction and foreclosure actions.